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Since the time we started, PaperMint studio has gained a lot of experience in creating crepe paper giant realistic flowers from scratch. Based on this experience, we have filmed a detailed video course, which covers all aspects of the production.

Our course is for you if you:

  • Want to start your own business in the decoration sphere

  • Already are a decorator and want to expand your range

  • Want to make an unusual gift for loved ones or to decorate a family celebration

The course includes:

  • Detailed information about the materials used

  • Basic principles of working with crepe paper and making realistic flowers, which will allow you to create any other flower in future

  • Petals templates for the main kinds of flowers and other supporting material

  • Detailed step-by-step video instructions, based on our personal and remote training experience, with all nuances considered

  • Useful additional information about composition basics, color combinations and flowers photographing


The video course consists of six video lessons, the total duration is 180 minutes.
Also the instructions and PDF-templates are included.

crepe paper

Lesson 1. General Questions

Types and properties of the paper to create flowers. Hot glue. Materials and methods for making the stems, stands and leaves. How to attach the bud, how to form the bud, types of petals.

paper peony

Lesson 4. Peonies

Making of two types of peonies and the peony leaves.

The petals templates for the first big peony and the sizes of petals for the second peony are attached.

paper rose

Lesson 2. Rose

Making of the rose bud and the leaves. Making of the petals of the desired shape, the gradual creation of surround bud. The petals templates and supporting materials are attached.

big flowers

Lesson 5. Poppies, ribwort flowers, grass

Making of the poppy flower, the closed poppy bud, the leaves. Making of the ribwort plantain flowers, the grass. The petals templates and supporting materials are attached.

paper ranunculus

Lesson 3. Ranunculus

Making of the ranunculus bud from the paper of several colors. Making of the leaves of ranunculus. The petals templates and supporting materials are attached.

color circle

Lesson 6. Composition, color, photographing

Some important questions about the basics of composition. Working with color of crepe paper, color combinations. Some questions about the giant flowers photographing.


Full the course. Become a real professional!

By purchasing our full video course, you learn how to make 5 kinds of giant flowers, a closed bud, ribwort flowers and grass! You will also receive very useful information on the basics of composition, color and flowers photographing!

The cost is 350 US$.

General questions + 2 any lessons. Select the desired!

If you are not ready to purchase the full course, simply choose the lessons that you need!
The first lesson is included automatically, because it contains the basic information needed for subsequent lessons.

The cost is 220 US$.


We are always very pleased to receive your comments and pictures of your flowers!
We have very talented students! Thank you!



Hello Olga. Thank you very much for the course! It is very detailed!
Everything was clear for me after watching. When I started making flowers, have all passed easily and without a hitch. Thank you very much!



I want to make you a compliment. I bought 2 more masterclass. About izolon flowers and flowers on the wall. Only your masterclass is qualitative. And understandable. I always unconsciously compare. Very worthy !!!
Thank you very much. Everything is clear and easy to understand. Simply super! Wish you luck!



Olya, good morning!
I want to say a huge thank you for masterclass!!!
I enjoy it again and again. Everything is very clear and affordable!

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