paper poppies

In this masterclass we will disclose all our secrets of creating giant realistic crepe paper flowers.

Giant Flowers video course

paper flower tutorial

A detailed video tutorial about three kinds of design paper roses, apple blossom and different leaves.

Roses Set video course


A charming collection of 4 types of paper flowers and 3 types of leaves that look perfect together (templates + video)

Garden Roses collection

paper flowers

All about design paper flowers: from the technical manufacture of a flower to how to make a business on it.

Wall Flowers video course

paper decor

A simple video tutorial about these lovely cardstock paper poppies and leaves.

Paper Poppies video course


A simple tutorial two kinds of cardstock paper magnolia flowers 15 cm and 18 cm.

Magnolia tutorial

paper flower template

A detailed video masterclass about three kinds of design paper peonies, hydrangea flowers and different leaves.

Peonies Set video course


A detailed video masterclass about 180g  crepe paper rose with stem and leaves.

Crepe Paper Rose video course

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